Are you sure about this?
Are you sure about this?
Check your flags and party supplies for Paris Olympics from 26/7 ~ 11/8

About New Website

We are really excited about our new website launch, with loads of features that will make order much much easier than before.

To help you to get started about the new features, here are breif explainations.

Up to 100 products per page

Now you can view up to 100 products per page, making it easier to go through the website. You can use the selection on the left of main products page to choose how many products are shown

One click to add, minus, add whole carton

We have changed the way you can add products completely, it will take 2-3 times less time to place an order.
Click on the plus icon to add one inner or set quantity for a product
Click on minus icon to take way one inner
Add one whole carton, really good for UBL products

See what you ordered before

Now when you are browsing products, you can see which products you have ordered before. This shows you what you ordered in your last order for this product. In this example you ordered 12 more than 90 days ago.

Quick Access Cart

Mouse over the cart icon at the top of the website and you can see what you ordered. You can add, edit, remove items in your cart quickly.

Download Barcode CSV For Orders

Go to previous order and you can download the barcode csv file for all your previous orders.

Reorder item from previous order

When you want to order something but can't remember the name or product code, you can go and look through your previous orders. Each product in your previous order now has an reorder button next to it, so you could reorder it and add it to your cart.